The benefits of hiring a freelance worker are overwhelming. Here are some of them:

  • Hiring a freelancer gives the possibility to outsource operational and time-consuming tasks in order to focus on business priorities.
  • Having worked for different industries and companies, the freelancer is characterized by having a global vision of the market and can add his own ideas and experiences that help in the realization or improvement of the project.
  • Hiring a freelance worker gives the client the possibility of betting on the same person for the long term. The advantage is that by working on one project after another, the professional gets a better understanding of the projects he/she is taking on, the business and the company itself.
  • Freelancers are characterized by their speed of response: by not having to deal with hierarchies or superiors, they speed up time and avoid having to deal with approval processes for their work.
  • Freelance workers generally have ample time availability and make optimal use of their time: they tend to be 100% dedicated to the task and focused on meeting goals and deadlines. In addition, being a market that moves largely by referrals, in general they are highly motivated and responsible professionals with their work. The degree of commitment to the client and the project is significant.
  • Communication with the freelancer is direct: there is no need for intermediaries such as Project Managers or Coordinators. The one-to-one relationship between client and professional is more direct and this helps to better understand the needs and expectations of both parties.
  • Hiring a freelancer gives the company greater flexibility, because when a specific project needs to be solved, it can perform an ad hoc search in which the candidate meets a certain profile and skills, in case it does not have an in-house qualified collaborator to carry out the task.
  • Operating costs tend to be lower: a freelancer generally works from home and does not need luxurious offices or have to assume the costs of a larger work team, which would ultimately affect the final cost of their work (as can happen with agencies or companies).
  • Freelancers quote their work per hour or per project. Since the freelancer is not an employee, the client does not have to assume the payment of extra benefits such as social security, retirement or vacations.
  • In addition, the client has the freedom to hire them or not depending on their needs (while a full-time employee must be paid monthly base salary plus benefits, regardless of the workload or actual hours of employment).
    Hiring freelancers can also help motivate the internal team: freelancers bring their vision and this encourages participation with the company's permanent staff, which can often feel conditioned by internal policies or restrictions. The freelancer adds his or her objectivity and in part brings fresh air to the internal team.

Source: Workana

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    USD $99.00

    Hired for the time you require, the Webmaster is at your services to manage the image of your company on the network, online support of your website and development of additional services in web portals or systems.

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    USD $130.00

    It will become your right hand and will help mobilize your business, let someone else take control and schedules of your meetings, take care of the distribution of your calls and contact with suppliers, returning the time you need

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    USD $99.00

    Hired for the time you require, the online secretary is at your service to simplify your day to day, organize daily or weekly agendas and distribute pending tasks to be done.

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    USD $99.00

    Increase your presence on the Internet, keep in touch with your potential customer, potential sales through digital strategies that encourage potential customers.


    More time

    Spend more time with you and your family, let the other tasks that take some time remain in our hands.


    More money

    Pay much less and also save yourself a computer, work equipment, benefits, vacations, etc.


    More accompaniment

    Behind your professional there is a support team that solves the problems, trains and supports him.


    More sales

    With our professional tools, your business will look more professional and reliable, which is reflected in sales and customer acquisition.

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